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[Komae Special Feature Part 3] What kind of town is “Komae”? Stroll around town to the other side of the station (south exit area).

[Komae Special Feature Part 2]Then, I took a walk around the town of Komae and found out that it is convenient as it is right next to the station, and that there are high-quality shops and gourmet food in the town of Komae, and gradually began to see the charm of this town!

This is the final part of the Komae special feature.Komae International House'' and stroll to the opposite side of the station.

This was a question from the beginning

"What exactly is Komae's charm? ? ?'

Will it be solved?

The second half of the Komae Street stroll begins!


Seishin: ``The coffee here is really delicious.My parents also drank it when they came to Komae and really liked it, so I sometimes buy some and send it home.''

It is said to be a popular coffee shop in the local area. Indeed, it has received good reviews across the board on Tabelog.

Peaceful city atmosphere and delicious coffee. Looks really good!

Komae City Hall

City hall isn't a particularly fun place to go to, but it's a place where you often have to go for something. It's a bit troublesome if it's far away, but this place is right near the dormitory! It's convenient to be able to quickly finish your errands!


There is nothing that resembles a store name on the signboard. Maybe "Cleaning" is the name of the store?

Anyway, the cleaning shop is right next door. It's convenient because you can use it while going out for a while.


I found a bakery with a very straightforward name!

Matsumoto-san: It's delicious here too.

Interview team: I'm more interested in the store name. Is it true that the straight store name Komae is popular?

Mr. Matsumoto: I don't know about that.

that? I can see something interesting on the right side of "Pan".

Tom yam kung

Is your house straight too? When you are presented with such a straightforward selling point, it certainly makes you want to eat it.

It means that I have absolute confidence.





Come to think of it, that sign was the same!

Komae may have some sort of marketing strategy that says, ``Keep signboards and store names as straightforward as possible. Twisted names are not popular.''

In fact, we are also casually walking down the street and are curious about it, so a straightforward billboard strategy seems like the right answer.

~The following is a delusion~

Shop owner: We are now opening a shop in Komae!

Komae Executive: What are you planning to do with the signboard?

Shopkeeper: Yes! Since the store is aimed at young people, we plan to have a stylish design with the store name ``CHILL'' prominently displayed.

Komae stalwart: ...I might have to close my shop soon.

Shopkeeper: Why! ?

Komae's leading figures:...

Komae's important entourage: Here in Komae, you can't survive unless you're a straight sign. This is reflected in the statistics so far. That's what the owner is saying.

Shopkeeper: Straight...signboard? ?

Komae's important aide: You must be a T-shirt shop. The signboard should be a T-shirt.

Shopkeeper: It's a select shop with popular brands! We don't just sell T-shirts. Above all, it's lame!

Komae stalwart: Well then, the signboard is "Clothes".

Shopkeeper: That's so straight...

Komae's stalwart: Is it okay for the store to go bankrupt?


Komae's important aide: I won't say anything bad. As the owner says, the signboard should be "clothes".

Shopkeeper: Gumu.

I don't know if there is such an exchange or not, but anyway, there are a lot of straight signboards in Komae!

I have now found one thing that seems to be unique to Komae.

Komaraj (Komae Radio Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)

A dormitory student took me to Komaraj on the second floor of the building.

Interview team: It's Komae's radio station.

Kita-san: Yes. Occasionally, dormitory residents from Komae International House perform here.

Interview team: Hey! It's a collaboration between a radio station and a student dormitory.

We had a special photo taken of the booth from outside.

If you become a dormitory student at Komae International House, you might even be able to appear on the radio!

komae cafe

A cafe with a natural taste.

They offer a menu made with sustainable ingredients in a relaxing green space.

Coffee Bar Akemi

A shop with a homely atmosphere. It seems to be open as a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night.


An izakaya where you can enjoy Kagoshima ingredients and cuisine. The main dish seems to be shabu-shabu made with Kagoshima black pork.

The Laundry Lounge

Oh, there's also a coin laundry.

Matsumoto: I don't think I'll use it because I'm in the dormitory, but sometimes I do.

Kita-san: I would be happy if there was a coin laundry nearby so I could wash large items.

The townscape has the atmosphere of a calm residential area with lots of greenery, but when you actually walk around it, there are quite a lot of shops, and it seems like you can live there without any inconvenience.

Soto sect Unshoyama Senryuji Temple

Head to Senryuji Temple, which is right next to Komae Station. There is a temple with a majestic atmosphere right next to the station, which may be the reason why the whole town has a calm atmosphere.

A magnificent bell tower! !

The bell tower is so impressive that I have never seen it at any other temple.

When I looked into the homepage, it said that it was a ``rare two-story bell tower.'' However, there was no mention of why such a magnificent bell tower was located here.

Clean your hands and worship.

This ends.

I thought so, but I haven't gone to the other side of the station yet.

Go to the other side of the station (south exit area).

THE bar district.

When I passed through the station building, I found myself in a bar district. I couldn't help but say this to Yasunari Kawabata, but I was relieved that there was such a cluttered area. Up until now, the streets have been calm and elegant, so seeing the informal side of this town makes me feel like people like me, who are not as elegant, will be accepted there.

Standing bar Masuda

Another Komae straight style sign. I might be a little intimidated by the Showa-style appearance, but I'd like to go. As expected, there are probably not many dormitory residents who are regulars at this store. I also want college students to experience a store like this as a social experience.

ordinary izakaya

A restaurant called "Ordinary Izakaya". In a sense, this name also follows the flow of Komae's straight style. Compared to the previous store, this is a store where you can feel very safe. In fact, it seems to be quite popular among the dormitory residents.

Deji le

This is where the women told me, ``This place has a reputation for being delicious.'' “Dejiru → Dejiru → Dashi”. Although the expression is quite twisted, in the sense that the store name is based on the store's selling point, this is also classified as an inspired naming style that follows Komae's straight style.


A medium-sized grocery store. There is also a supermarket called ``Odakyu OX Komae Store'' at Komae Station, so you can use it for different purposes.

The residential area has many old-fashioned alleys.


A very stylish public bath! ! Of course there is also a sauna! !

Komae-yu is a modern-day public bath that appears to have been renovated from an original public bath by an architect or designer.

By the way, the homepage is also very stylish! You can even enjoy a sauna in Komae!

Matsumoto: Even in the dormitory, people who like saunas seem to go there from time to time. The bathing fee and sauna cost 1200 yen, so it was a bit of a luxury for us students.

Kita-san: I wonder if women are going there. I've never been there because it's awkward to meet other dorm residents inside (lol).

Interview Team: It seems awkward when dormitory residents meet each other outside (lol).

There seems to be a feeling that only fellow dorm residents can understand.

By the way, after the interview, the author and the cameraman (both sauna lovers) took a bath at Komae-yu, and it was a high-quality sauna. For those who like saunas, I think it would be a good idea to imagine Koganeyu (a famous restaurant!) in Kinshicho. By the time I left Koganeyu, there were many people waiting for their turn to take a bath.


The entire process of walking around Komae is complete!

I think I've already introduced Komae to the point where I've had enough, but have you noticed?

We were walking within 500 meters of the dormitory.

It's not good to have this much within 500m! ?

In fact, if you look at the plot of this MAP, you won't even be able to attack the 500m limit. I get the impression that it goes around about 300m.

The station is also a short walk away. Of course, there are dozens of stores inside the station, so this is convenient.

It's also close to supermarkets, convenience stores, and the city hall, making life very convenient.

There are so many delicious gourmet foods and so many restaurants that I can't even introduce them here.

There's also a super cool sauna.

Isn't it so convenient that it makes you lack exercise?

Conclusion: A modest but perfectly balanced city to live in!

It is true that Komae does not have this characteristic. Although it may look modest, there are plenty of spots you need to live in, and if you live in the position of Komae International House, it's very convenient to be close to the station. andThe keyword "plain" may seem negative at first glance, but think about it carefully..

Suppose the town you live in is a calm and comfortable town, but what happens if it turns out to be a strangely popular town? Even on holidays when you want to relax, people flock from all over the city, making the city noisy. I could hear the voices of groups of people I didn't know talking on the nearby streets, and I could even hear them inside my house. You can't even get into your favorite local store without lining up. Although this situation is an extreme example, popular cities also have disadvantages like this.

If you want to live a calm life at your own pace, even a "plain" city can be comfortable as long as it is convenient. In that senseKomae is extremely good at living comfortably at her own pace..

From Komae, it's easy to go to Shimokitazawa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya, so you can go whenever you want.Depending on the campus, if you are a Meiji University student, you can go to Shimokitazawa and Shinjuku as much as you like within your regular schedule.. I live in a modest town and visit popular towns when I want to. Komae can do that. This is what I mean when I say "perfect balance."

However, I don't really understand why there are so many billboards with straightforward appeals.

please"Komae International HouseI would like you to live in `` and unravel this mysterious reality.

Komae special feature complete

(Text: Tanaka Bunko/Photograph: Kaihei Akioka/Editor: Yasuhiro Nishi)

*The undergraduate year and content in the article are as of the time of reporting in November 2023.

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