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Interview with Seniors at Meiji University | What is the current student dormitory like?

When we hear about student dormitories, we think of a life without freedom, with hierarchical relationships with seniors, strict dormitory rules, and strict curfews.I can't help but think of it as a "Showa era student dormitory".However, it seems that modern student dormitories allow students to live more freely.In order to explore the actual situation, Meiji University International Exchange DormitoryKomae International HouseI asked a Meiji University student who lives in the dormitory about modern dormitory life.

There are general rules that are taken for granted

"I never once thought that the rules and regulations of dormitory life were strict.”.That's what Mr. G, a third-year law student, said.The other 3 had almost the same opinion.

Ms. T, a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, said, "Before moving into the dormitory, I thought it would be a little tough, butIf you live peacefully, you won't feel any inconvenience"And.

Ms. M (2nd year, Faculty of Science and Engineering), who is the newest resident, said, "Before entering the dormitory, discipline is strict, your actions are restricted, and you have an image of being restricted even when you are alone. It seems that the juniors will absolutely obey what is done.That's why I made up my mind and entered the dormitory, but the reality was 180 degrees different from the image.I don't feel like I'm tied down at all.However,My college friends misunderstand that I am living in a strict dormitory (laughs).. "

To summarize everyone's story, the rules of the dormitory are no different from the rules of ordinary society, such as "Do not make loud noises at midnight" and "Throw garbage in a designated place".It is common sense to follow these rules even when living in an apartment.

Mr. K, a third-year student in the Faculty of Agriculture, said, "When I was a first-year student, I felt that it was troublesome to submit a stay-out notification when I was going to stay at a friend's house, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, I refrained from going out. So I don't have to worry about it anymore," he said with a laugh.

Dormitory life and university life during the corona crisis

How has everyone spent their lives during the coronavirus pandemic?

“Last year, I spent my days holed up in my room staring at my computer,” says Mr. G. "I have many friends in the dormitory, so I never felt lonely.If I had lived alone in an apartment, I think it would have been quite difficult."

Mr. K also said, "I suddenly couldn't see my university friends because of Corona.I was glad to live in the dormitory because I was able to meet my friends in the dormitory.' said.Even in the dormitory, there were rules such as not to sit next to each other in the cafeteria as a countermeasure against infection, and to sit in different seats so that you don't face each other.

Mr. M, who declared the first state of emergency just after he entered the dormitory, said, "When I talked to my friend who lives alone, he said that he couldn't make friends at all because he was on vacation from university.I made friends in the dormitory, so I didn't feel lonely.”.Certainly, if a state of emergency were declared soon after entering university, I would miss the opportunity to make new friends.

It seems that the dormitory is no longer able to hold events like welcome parties that used to be held until then, but it seems that they are also providing opportunities for dormitory students to interact with each other, such as online welcome parties.

To be honest, it was good to live in a dormitory

When asked why they chose to live in a dormitory, most of them answered that their parents recommended it.

``When you start living alone, it's important that you feel comfortable, butI thought it was necessary for my parents to feel safe.Mr. M said.Parents of boys are worried about food, and parents of girls are worried about security.

From a parent's perspective, food and security are very important.What about your own perspective? “At first, I was thinking of living in an apartment, but Komae International HouseThe facility is new, the bath and toilet are separate, and the washbasin is separate.So, I decided to stay here.'' ``Completely private room type.The big private space was the decisive factor. "

From the perspective of the people who actually live there, many said that having a fulfilling private space was the decisive factor.

When asked about other charms of the dormitory, "All rice is delicious""dormitory students get along well""Make friends beyond campus' is all together. Mr. K said, ``The dormitory is a home, but it's also a place where you can interact with friends.Every day is like a school trip'', he said, sounding very happy.

Living in a dormitory feels like getting another rich community in addition to the community of the university.It might be fair to say that being able to obtain a community in a student dormitory for a limited period of time before going out into the world will become a fortune in life.

*The undergraduate grades in the interview article are from the time of the interview in November 2021.

(Text: Tanaka Bunko Photo: Satoshi Shirahama)

Interview with the dormitory manager and dormitory mother who are “reliable adults” for students

Since the outbreak of COVID-XNUMX, under the guidance of the public health center, we have taken thorough infection control measures in the dormitory, such as alcohol disinfection and a call to action to avoid crowds.I think it's cramped for students whose movements are restricted, but I feel that everyone is cooperating well.At Komae International House, some people were infected with the new coronavirus, but fortunately the room was a private room type, so the infection did not spread to others.Also, thanks to the RAs (dormitory students who support a smooth life in the dormitory), we are able to communicate with the students in the same way as before COVID-XNUMX.I hope that the corona virus will end soon and we will be able to hold the jingisukan party that has been cancelled.

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