One-room type suitable for a wide range of campuse



You can have international exchange while living here.
completely private room
Komae International House.

An international exchange dormitory opened in April 2011 exclusively for Meiji University.Meiji University international students and Japanese students can live together and deepen international exchange while maintaining a private space in their daily lives.

Supports a wide range of campuses

Become a base for exchange with other faculties.
Izumi/Ikuta Campus
Easy to get to as it is in the middle.

Located in a location that takes into consideration the commute to a wide range of campuses, it is a residence that creates interaction not only with international students but also with students from a wide range of faculties.


Completely private rooms + separate floors for men and women

focused on privacy
One room with furniture.

All private rooms are furnished.In addition, it is a one-room type with a bath, toilet, and kitchen, so it is recommended for those who value privacy.In addition, the floors are separated by gender, and are designed with full consideration for security and privacy.

communication in daily life

Creating convenience and fun
community space

Common spaces such as a dining room where meals are served daily and a spacious courtyard are fully equipped, providing plenty of space to chat with friends or study.You can also use the laundry room freely.

common space in courtyard

Dining room (under infection control measures)

Free-to-use laundry room (separate for men and women)

Providing exchange and self-government programs by training and assigning RAs (Resident Assistants)
At Komae International House, two resident assistants (hereinafter referred to as RA ) and two Junior Resident Assistants (JrRAs) (total of four people) are assigned to provide various support activities, including support for daily living.


Furniture, food, and internet are all included

When I started living alone
Reduce initial costs.

With fully furnished rooms, ample shared space, and all the facilities you need for daily life, you can start your new life right away, minimizing the cost and hassle of moving.

International exchange + furnished room + resident management

Dormitory fee
(meals not included)

Meals (breakfast and dinner) 2 yen per month Annual management fee: 258,000 yen
Entrance fee: 200,000 yen (for 1-year contract) *XNUMX-year contract can also be selected
Deposit: 50,000 yen

homemade rice,
Morning and evening in the dining room.

Every morning and every night, we offer freshly prepared menus prepared by registered dietitians with consideration for balance.Even if you are busy every day, you can have a proper diet.


Easy access from any campus

1-5 Motoizumi, Komae City, Tokyo

About 2 minutes on foot from Odakyu Line "Komae" station Google map


  1. Step1

    Dormitory application
    Please fill in the necessary information on the dormitory application page of Kyoritsu Maintenance and apply.
  2. Step2

    Upon receipt of the application form, Kyoritsu Maintenance will send the contract documents and transfer form.Please pay the prescribed fee.
  3. Step3

    Entering dormitory
    After confirming the payment, Kyoritsu Maintenance will send you a “Dormitory Permit”.Please move into the dormitory from the first day you move in.
  • Please apply after your admission to Meiji University has been decided.It is not necessary to submit an application for dormitory, etc.
  • The dormitory contract will be made with Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd., which is entrusted with the management and operation of the student dormitory by Meiji University.Meiji University is not involved in the contract.


Please tell me the capacity of "Komae International House".

The capacity is 145 people.There are 72 men-only floors, 60 women-only floors, and 13 mixed floors.

I'm worried about the security of men and women.

"Komae International House" has separate floors for male students and female students, and is designed so that students can only go to their own floor by holding an IC chip over the elevator.In addition, the dormitory manager and the dormitory mother live in the dormitory and strive to ensure safety, as well as the installation of auto locks and security cameras.

Please tell me about the price of "Komae International House".

PricesPlease confirm.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please tell me how to apply for "Komae International House".

Applications are accepted on our website or by phone.

Are applications for "Komae International House" accepted on a first-come, first-served basis?Is it a lottery?

We will guide you on a first-come, first-served basis.It will be on a first-come, first-served basis, including those who have passed the general selection, the school recommendation type selection, and the general selection.
We have secured the number of rooms for each entrance examination, but the number of rooms is limited.Please apply early.

I applied for "Komae International House", but what if all the rooms are full?

By all meanswaiting systemplease use.We will let you know if there are any cancellations or vacancies.

What if there is no cancellation at Komae International House before admission?

Waiting for cancellation. the first yearRecommended student dormitorywill be offered at a special price.

Can I take a tour?

Please call to reserve your tour.Please come directly to the site on the day of the tour.

Who manages and operates it?

Meiji University Global Village (MGV), Komae International House (KIH),Recommended student dormitoryis operated and managed by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. under the partnership and recommendation of Meiji University.The dormitory manager and the dormitory mother and his wife support the students by living in the dormitory instead of rushing to the dormitory.There are other companies that operate properties with meals, such as Unilife, Mainichi Comnet, and Nasic.In addition to the room, cost, and location, please compare and consider various aspects such as the operating company, service quality, and security.There are also properties with meals operated by other companies.Examples: Student Hall UniE'meal Meidaimae Global House, College Court Komae, College Court Rokakoen II, etc.

What is Kyoritsu Maintenance?

Meiji University Global Village (MGV), Komae International House (KIH),Recommended student dormitoryThis is a company that operates Since its founding in 1979, Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.Student hall (student dormitory), and now manages and operates a dormitory for adults.Dormy Inn, La Vista Hakodate Bay, The Beach Tower Okinawa, etc.Resort hotelIn addition to operatingHousing for the elderlyIt is a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that also operates.We value the "heart of caring" of boarding houses, and aim to be "the best boarding house in Japan" with the theme of food and living, and provide unique style and services.

"Meiji University student dormitory"
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